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The course is intended to equip the nursing student with the skills to apply chemistry to physiological processes such as thoughts, pumping action of the heart, movement, digestion, absorption, transportation, utilization and excretion of food substances. Biochemistry of nutrients and other substances and their action, and interaction and balance in relation to health and diseases will be explored. Therapeutic nutritional and food service delivery in hospitals and other healthcare institutions is emphasized

This course includes the fundamentals of organic chemistry: structure and properties, stereochemistry and its consequences on chemical reactivity  energy of activation and transition state, saturated hydrocarbons, free-radical substitution, alcohols and ethers, reactions of unsaturated hydrocarbons, electrophilic addition, cyclic aliphatic compounds, aromaticity, reaction of benzene and its derivatives, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, amines and phenols, aryl halides nucleophilic aromatic substitution.

This course covers principles and practices of core aspects and issues of community health care. Topics covered include dimensions of health, millennium development goals, community health models, needs assessment and planning for health promotion as well as gender considerations.   Disease prevention will be covered through topics that include: health profile and needs during the life cycle; screening procedures; disease prevention programmes in the community; environmental health considerations; dietary modifications; home remedies and treatments and positive life style.