acct 271 – Accounting software packages (3 CR)


Lecturer: Ndiweni B. G.

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Skype: ndiweni.beckie

Cell: +263774009604 / +263732009604 / +263716846861


Course Description

This course is designed to introduce students to accounting software packages such as Pastel Accounting. The students will be expected to setup a company in Pastel, create accounts, process journals, processing cash book transactions, extraction of reports ie Financial Statements


Course Objectives

1.      To help students have an appreciation of an accounting Software package with hands on experience.

2.      At the end of the course students should be able to use pastel or other software packages to process information using journals cash books, post to the ledger generate reports such as the trial balance, Income statement, Balance Sheet and Age Analysis reports.

3.      Learn Data Integrity and Security features of an accounting software package.

4.      Students should be in a position to create a company based on a Retail, Service, Manufacturing and any other Chart of accounts available in Pastel.


Course Procedures And Requirements

1.      Each session to begin with a devotion and prayer.

2.      All students are encouraged to participate during devotion eg by giving testimonies or short sermons that will encourage other students.

3.      As stewards of time students are expected to be punctual in all classes and are expected to submit their assignments as they fall due.

4.      Effort and involvement are as essential for learning as they are for success in your career. To help assure your success, participation in all activities of this course is expected. Your program will identify any specific requirements applicable to this class and delivery method.

5.      Each student is encouraged to participate in the class activities meaningfully.

6.      Students are encouraged to work in small groups, but should refrain from duplicating or photocopying other student’s work.  All assignments must reflect each student’s work and ingenuity. Academic dishonesty is considered to be an extremely serious academic offence.


Course Content


1.      Creating a New Company in Pastel based on either Retail, Service, Manufacturing Chart of accounts

2.      Opening a Company and navigating in Pastel

3.      Backing up and Restoring data in Pastel

4.      Securing data through the use of passwords and allocation of users in a multi user environment.

5.      Invoicing, Quotations, Processing transactions in Cash Book, Journals

6.      Updating books of accounts

7.      Capturing Opening Balances

8.      Generate, View and Print Financial Statements.

9.      Bank Reconciliation Statements.

10.  Bills of Materials ie Manufacturing items from inventory and reporting etc

11.  Setting up Tax

12.  Project on assigned problems




Examination & Grading System

The final grade will be determined as follows:


Tests                                  20%

Project                              30%

Final Exam                        50%

Total                                100%


The following cut-offs are established to assign the final letter grade:


The grading scale will be as follows:


Letter Grade

Percentage Grade

Grade Points


90 – 100



80 – 89



75 – 79



70 – 74



65 – 69



60 – 64



50 – 59



45 – 49



0   - 44